I’m Stacy Harris

Stacy Harris is not just another business consultant; she’s an expert business connector with a career spanning 18 years. She has honed the art of networking and business-building across various industries, from finance and real estate to oil and gas and non-profits.

My Approach

Credentials & Experience
  • Worked with top-tier clients including Keller Williams, RE/Max, Merrill Lynch, Edward Jones, Exxon, and Habitat for Humanity.
  • Owner of five Network in Action (NIA) franchises.
  • Awarded NIA Franchise of the Year, Community Builder of the Year, and The Pioneer Award.
Speaking & Impact

As an international speaker, Stacy covers transformative topics like “Making Business Relationships Personal” and “Taking the Work out of Networking.” Her perspectives have found their way into multiple publications, podcasts, radio shows, and TV interviews.

What Drives Stacy

Today, Stacy continues her mission to empower entrepreneurs and sales teams to turn relationships into a business advantage. Her true passion lies in creating human connections that don’t just add to your contact list but genuinely enrich your professional and personal life.

How Do I Know if a Networking Class is Right for Me?

If you find yourself collecting business cards without forming meaningful relationships, or if the idea of walking into a room full of strangers fills you with dread, a networking class could be the game-changer you’ve been waiting for. Networking classes aren’t just for beginners; they offer invaluable insights for business leaders at all levels who aim to expand their circle of influence, grow their business, or build long-lasting partnerships. If you know you need to network but don’t know where to start—or you’ve been networking but haven’t seen the results you desire—it’s time to consider leveling up your skills with a specialized networking class.